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New style RC Chaser FPV 250 racing drone RC CHASER FPV 250 RACING DRONE

1. Highly integrated, racing and crossing all in one aircraft. Main body is made of carbon fibre composite, has high strength and is impact resistant. 2. High speed, brushless motors, fast response, top speed at least 70km/h. 3. With 5.8GHz real time image transmission system. 4. New modular design - simplifies maintenance and upgradability. 5. FPV flight, perfect for high speed, easy to control. 6. Operating distance: 350 meters with stable signal transmission. 7. F3 flight control,OSD: displays the battery voltage, flight conditions in real time.    8. Easily upgraded from FPV250 to FPV280 with larger prop span and larger battery.       9. With buzzer inside, which could help you find the lost drone.

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