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Hot Selling Remote control  Alloy Helicopter 2.4G 4CH RC Alloy Helicopter

Function: one to one code. Ascending / descending turn left / right forward / back left fly / fly right (360 DEG in a built-in gyroscope accurate localization, charging time: About 1.5h, flight time: about 5-7 minutes, remote control distance: 40-60 meters, fuselage of lithium battery 3.7V 650mah, remote control box 6 x AA stem cell; flight effect is good, resistant to fall, the battery is removable. Head with lamp. Color: yellow, blue. Configuration: with the charger, AB maple leaf each one, a screwdriver, a manual.

Hot selling 2.4G 3.5CH simulation console helicopter 2.4G 3.5CH simulation console helicopter

Up/Down, forward/backwark, turn left/right,left sideward/right sideward.  Transmitter is with simulation sound effect of taking off and landing,missile launching vibrate sensation;Two mode in controlling: Gravity Sense Mode and Simulation Control Mode.with Overcharge and overdischarge protection

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